How Conversion Saves

Posted on: March 3rd, 2012 by admin

Our Newest Product: How this Vending Machine Conversion Saves

What if you could save money by redesigning your process? Here’s a great example of a redesign process of a vending machine:

Mini cooler made from rotationally molded parts

The original method of manufacturing involved multiple pieces of fabricated steel welded together and then painted. The vending machine was re-designed using only 6 rotationally molded parts. The plastic parts were not only a cost reduction but a quality improvement:

  1. It will never rust.
  2. Its cost to manufacture and assemble is lower.
  3. Many parts were reduced to 6.
  4. This machine has become lightweight, which translated into reduced shipping costs.
    Now foam filled, it has excellent insulation.

From a cost standpoint, the savings came from reducing the number of components, and the elimination of assembly and painting costs. Conversions are made possible for many such products — that can translate into big money savings for you.

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