Our Standards

Cutting Costs without Cutting Quality

What if you could save money by redesigning your process? For example: a company produces one part through a 3-step process, that costs $10 a part. We look at the process, and recommend a 1-step process, decreasing the cost per part to $7. That’s more profit for the company.

To do this, we work to reduce the cost in manufacturing three ways:

  1. We do cost analysis for cost reduction.
  2. We assist in the redesign of products to be made at lower costs.
  3. Our extensive knowledge of methods and equipment enables us to recommend more efficient methods of manufacturing.


Quality Built-in

Because quality is such a high value:

  1. We will help you write a quality plan, before you place an order.
  2. We will only work with principals who value quality.
  3. Our manufacturers are either ISO certified or ISO compliant.


Our Principals

At HT Bauerle, we understand the processes and can recommend which is best for you. Through our experience we can facilitate introductions to experts in the industry for your specific requirements.

Our History

For over 60 years, HT Bauerle has served the component and product requirements of the industrial, commercial, medical, healthcare, electronics, communications and consumer products markets with world-class manufacturers.

Founded by Harry Bauerle over 60 years ago, the company first focused on a “new” process called Rotational and Injection Molding. Harry sold Mack Truck one of the first plastics. The company grew, as Harry was known for his expertise in process, his responsiveness and integrity. Today these values still define HT Bauerle. We are a company client return to again and again.

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