Rubber Molding + Extrusions

Rubber Molding + Extrusion Examples:

  • Custom rubber molded parts
  • Custom die cut gaskets
  • Extruded rubber profiles
  • Vibration, shock + noise control products
  • Large inventory of standard parts (molded grommets, bumpers, caps and O-rings)


Rubber molding is a process that produces a useable molded rubber product. Rubber products are made from uncured rubber or elastomers. An elastomer is any material with sufficient resilience or memory for returning to its original shape in response to pressure or distortions. Some commonly used examples of elastomers are hyypalon, viton, latex rubber, silicone rubber, nitrile and neoprene. Rubber and elastomers can be derived from natural sources, although they are mostly synthetic, produced through highly controlled chemical processes.

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